Thursday, December 8, 2011

Second Coming of Jesus Christ

It is so interesting to read about the signs of the second coming. I think you would have to almost be so spiritually blinded to not see that they are coming to pass. I think about all the wars and rumors of wars everywhere. I think of all the natural disasters that seem to happen more and more frequently. There is always an earthquake or a tsunami or a hurricane that is happening. The weather keeps on becoming more and more crazy. There are people who confess that they know when Christ is coming. There are people that think they know all the answers to life. The world is getting more and more wicked and the hearts of men are waxing cold. I can honestly testify that these things are happening and I cannot deny them.

I feel that even though all these things are going on the gospel of Jesus Christ provides peace. I am not afraid of what lies ahead. Rather I have faith that I will be able to do what the Lord wants me to do and I know that I can still have an impact on the world.

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